When sound quality is important and you want to deliver a message, when it's important to capture and understand every word...
The sound system needs to fit the venue, amount of participants and quality demand, the right coverage and power to get the finest details perfect.
When you want sound to excite. 
We use the very best up to date equipment in order to deliver exceptional quality.
But you also need the right crew to operate your event.. 
Through thousands of events we've gained the experience, understanding and know how to bring the best result to your event.
The correct lighting would create a wow factor in your event.
From planning and design to execution and pro operation. 
Stage/theater, decoration/scenery, art/fashion...
Light and shine your event with us.

High definition projection/LED screens 
Carrying all optional TV/screen sizes to fit your need

Heavy Duty AC power distribution
Dance floor
Pipe & Drape

Multi track recording
Audio editing