Sound systems rentals:
  • Small sound system: 2 (2000w) QSC K.2 series active speakers (up to 150 people)
  • Mid size sound system: 2 - 6 (2000w) QSC K.2 series active speakers + 2 QSC active subwoofers (up to 500 People)
  • Large sound system: 8 - 16 line array units with subwoofers - ground stack or flown (1000 - 5000 people)
  • Low profile/clean look column array sound system: 2 TURBOSOUND inspire IP3000 
  • Band sound system: 2 - 4 (2000w) QSC K.2 series active speakers + 2 QSC active subwoofers or line array PA setup
  • DJ sound system: 2 (2000w) QSC K12.2 series active speakers + 2 QSC active subwoofers
  • DJ monitoring: ranges from 1 or 2 speakers all the way to line array with subwoofers
     * GATOR FRAMEWORKS ID series speaker stands

Stage backline rentals:
  • Electric guitar amps - FENDER twin verb, deluxe verb
  • Bass amps - AMPEG, MARK BASS
  • Drum set - YAMAHA, DW  with all needed components, drum set riser, drum set carpet
  • Instruments stands, guitar stands, music stands, microphone stands/clamps/clips - K&M, JamStands, Gator 

Live sound equipment rentals:
  • Wireless microphone systems: SHURE: QLXD, SLX.  SENNHEISER: G2,G3,G4. AKG. (handhelds, lavaliers, headsets, pickups)
  • Wired microphones: SHURE, DPA, SENNHEISER, AUDIX for all kind of instrument vocals or drums 
  • Mixing boards: MIDAS M32, MIDAS MR18 Digital mixers with wireless control, iPad/MacBook Pro wireless controlled mixers, small mixing boards: 

Sound engineering services:
  • Sound engineer technical support for your venue to operate your system
  • Acoustic treatment and system installations
  • Audio consulting for future events or new venues